When visiting a new city, we all have the same issue: what to do? And even though some sites give you tips, and searching the web can certainly show you a list of touristic attractions, that’s not always what you’re looking for. You want to find that beautiful spot, that authentic restaurant, that hidden cocktail bar, or that underground club. You’d like to know what’s trending now, not last year. You want to go where the locals go.
10 THINGS is a global network of local experts from the most exciting cities around the world. Together with our experts, we select 10 things to do for every major city, in every popular genre. Local DJs advise you where to dance, fashion bloggers tell you where to shop, and local food experts recommend you where to eat. Visiting a city and in need of some inspiration on where to go? We’ve got you covered.


You’ll become a valuable asset to our team based in Amsterdam where we will work together on the development of our hotspot & travel platform.


Alongside our other team members, you will contribute to the development of the concept. Your daily routine will consist out of a wide range of activities, all focused on online media and creative content. Some examples:
- You will contribute in writing engaging content for our featured cities and hotspots;
- You will track and monitor our social media channels;
- Together with our team, you will develop strategies to further engage with our users;
- You will contact and maintain relationships with all of our curators around the world;
- and more….


10 reasons why you’re our next editorial hero:
- You enjoy working in Amsterdam, our hometown
- You like working in a small team
- You love writing engaging content
- You have a thing for travel and discovering new places
- You have some experience with monitoring and updating social media channels
- You enjoy interacting with others and aren’t afraid to reach out to people you don’t know
- Your English is fluent
- You study HBO marketing/communication/journalism/online media or anything related
- You’ll receive a reasonable compensation for your efforts and at the end of your term there’s pie
- You want to take over the world with us, one city at a time


The internship will preferably start at the 1st of September. Both short-term (8-12 weeks) and long-term interns (5-6 months) are welcome.


Did we get your attention? Drop us a message at [email protected]!