During your internship period you will help realize a SLOW fashion presentation where the collection PULP by Natalie de Koning will be showcased. GW Agency and fashion designer Natalie de Koning work together in realising upcycled fashion materials and redistributing surplus materials. During Fashion Week these materials and a capsule collection will presented over 7 days at the Westerlab on Westerstraat 70 in Amsterdam. Besides the exhibition several workshops and small events will take place. All in all an ‘intimate and interactive’ new form of fashion presentation, in sync with their belief that the fashion industry has to be redesigned!


GW is an agency specialised in concepts, brands and events. Although not limited to fashion, fashion clientele and fashion-related themes form a red line in GW projects. GW “Gone Wrong” Agency was founded in Amsterdam by Holly Syrett from her experience in and interest for cross disciplinary collaborations, creating extraordinary experiences and new approaches to fashion. With a Future-Oriented approach – something that she seeks in all projects – Holly opens her network and engages target markets for topics that in her opinion ‘make sense’, contribute to building a smarter economy, solve current environmental issues and in general safeguard a sustainable future.
Visit www.gw-agency.org/projects to see current and previous GW work!

GW Agency has its office at Westerlab in Amsterdam.


For the 6 – 7 week internship period you will work alongside GW Agency founder Holly Syrett in realizing the SLOW // PULP fashion presentation. The tasks on hand are varied and include:
- Developing events and programmes
- Preparing the production
- Maintaining contacts and relations
- Social media
- Realizing the production: coordinating events, workshops and a retail environment
- Administrative tasks


- Availability: December 14th 2015 – January 31st 2016 for approximately three days a week (to be discussed)
- Education and experience: HBO Fashion education and/or other course with a strong interest in fashion. Experience with events or workshops is a plus!
- Language: Fluent in Dutch and good English
- Skills: Enthusiastic, Representative, Involved, Strong Communicational Skills (written and verbal), Organized, Independent


Availability: December 14th 2015 – January 31st 2016 for approximately three days a week (to be discussed)


Interested? Send a brief e-mail with your motivation and your CV before December 7th 2015 to [email protected]