Does reporting while sleeping - Looking for a true experience
Professional sleepover host (a.k.a. - Our PR & Project Management Intern)

Is your glass always half full, with the other half being open whatever comes your way? Would you - figuratively and sometimes literally -travel across the country to make things happen? Are you able to do reporting while sleeping (in a hotel bed)? You must come along the journey of Team Travel & Experience. We are looking for a PR and Project Management intern who is not afraid to go off the beaten track to support in setting up action plans, managing press/guest lists, tracking whatever is being said about our clients and hosting events. You are a know-it-all who wants to work for hospitality innovators like Deliveroo, Grapedistrict, Taste of Amsterdam, Hotel Arena and The Pool.


Let’s start with 'How to Typhoon 101’.

Typhoon Hospitality is divided into three teams: DO | MAKE | TELL. Every client is managed by two team members – one from team DO and one from team TELL. Our Food & Drinks - PR & Project Management Intern will support this dynamic duo.

Team DO first of all, makes sure sh*t gets done, which means that ideas are brought to life, while deadlines and expectations are exceeded. Where “ordinary people” try to avoid extensive project planning and mega to-do lists, Team DO – also known as the fast and the furious – can’t resist a smile when working on project planning, account management, event management, and office management. Team TELL on the other hand simply can’t stop telling. Seriously. If you want to avoid one of the TELL members, make sure to disconnect your email, your phone, avoid all coffee machines, PR meetings, and actually... all fun events. Cause a great idea only gets you halfway, TELL makes sure to the word gets out there, pitching, chasing, and networking.

Because of the fast Typhoon pace, it’s rather difficult to put all down all duties in one job description. If we weren’t doing something new, unheard off, and thus different every day, Typhoon would have run out of business already.


* Support the Travel and Experience team wherever needed
* Support during events
* Write action plans
* Manage projects
* Set up and manage guest lists
* Communicate with press relations and clients
* Challenge yourself to think big
* Track what has been said about your clients, on- and offline.
* Send out press releases
* Do small things that mean a great deal to your teamies


* A 3rd or 4th year (hotel) management or communication student
* Available for a minimum of 5 months
* Preferably in possession of a driver’s license
* Excellent communication skills both in Dutch and English
* A creative mind and not afraid to speak up
* A lover of to-do lists and organisation
* Able to make ad-hoc decisions
* Genuinely addicted to food, if not this might not be for you…​


Available for a minimum of 5 months.


Sounds like your cup of tea?
Send your CV and motivation and join the madness!

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