We are looking for the next best super intern! If you’re interested in joining the madness, we’d love to meet you!


Typhoon Hospitality is a 360° marketing agency specialised in the hospitality industry. As a company with a heart of hospitality we turn renewing and crazy ideas into concrete projects and revenues. We simply all love hospitality, food and drinks.
Our Awesome accounts contain MOMO, The Foodhallen, IZAKAYA, Fever Tree, Hendrick’s, The Butcher, INK Hotel Amsterdam, Supperclub and many many more.
Our team is split into three dis-tinct functions: DO – MAKE – TELL.


DO: This department makes sure sh*t gets done. With our Master of Organized Chaos at the top of department DO, Typhoon Hospitality exceeds deadlines and expectations. Where “normal people” try to avoid extensive project planning and mega To Do lists, Team DO – also known as the fast and the furious – can’t resist a smile when working on project planning, account management, event management and office management.
MAKE: This refers to the department: Creation. Those part of the MAKE team enjoy dreaming, envisioning and… well… creating! They love nothing more then getting up in the morning, not knowing what they will be creating that day. Often with their head in the clouds, they can come up with spectacular things. At the head of MAKE is our Storyteller who oversees all work related to design, copywriting, community management and marketing concepts.
TELL: The TELL department simply can’t stop telling. Seriously. If you want to avoid one of the TELL team members you must avoid ALL coffee machines, PR meetings and actually… all fun events. With our Matchmaker at the top, this team is best friends with everyone. They spread their wings in the world of media and are the best representatives for any hospitality brand. They are busy with press relations, information management, partnership consultancy, brand representatives/ambassadors, (offline) community management and clippings.


- Passion for food, drinks, hospitality and events
- Work experience in the hospitality industry


For each division we are looking for an awesome intern.
DO and MAKE starting Februari/March 2015
Tell starting May/June 2015


Interested in joining our team? Send us your application to [email protected]