Disruption Ventures: For the Stalwart Women of Today

Female entrepreneurs should get ready for Disruption Ventures. In partnership with Scotiabank, Disruption Ventures is a catalyst for providing capital funds for women’s businesses. With assistance from Scotia bank, the program is led by business experts empowering its clients with the right education in managing their own businesses.

Disruption Ventures as the first venture capital fund for women’s businesses is also founded by women who are business specialists.  Elaine Kunda, Founder and Managing Partner for Disruption Ventures believes that behind every company’s success is the unique support for vital growth such as what Scotiabank does to businesses. Indeed, the strategic method offered at Scotiabank enables entrepreneurs to choose from options that best suit their businesses.

For startup businesses, this is a huge deal. Now women-led businesses here in Canada can now have access to more funding that is needed for their company’s sustainability and growth.

Disruption Ventures recognizes the effort of women entrepreneurs towards their businesses. For more information, you may visit their website or reach out to them on Twitter.

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