10 Best Apps for You

Always scurrying to work with plenty of things in mind? Worry not, as you will surely love our list of advantageous phone apps:


Asana aids with fixing schedules and managing your to-do tasks. Working on your files across devices is very much an A+ on the product.

Payroll Calculator

The app continues to be an excellent must-have during hectic seasons. Encoding payments and even employee salary are now easy with just a few taps.

Mommy Monitor

If you’re a mom and are looking for a health care app, this saves the game. Managing your maternal health especially if you are an expecting mom is made efficient while supervising your work.


A period-tracking app that really lightens the burden as a woman. Observe your period pattern and be aware of any changes in the calendar in just a glance.

Insight Timer

Get reminded daily with this meditating device amidst tight schedules. Insight Timer would be a great app for relaxation.


A nice app for constant collaboration of files with your team.


With an easy to manage interface, Canva helps you handle the designing of calling cards and business posters.

Last Password Manager

Helps you save your passwords safely and record all the websites or programs you have accessed for automatic logging.


Excellent for your job postings online. Proven has a feature of categorization so to see the best candidate in a pool of talents.

Freshbooks Cloud Accounting

The app is beneficial to small-business owners, especially for recording track expenses.

Most of these apps work across all devices. Cloud storage is not an issue, too. The key here is for you to efficiently balance life and work.

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