Amanda Pope: Businesswoman in the Making

At 16, with a paralyzed grandfather to care for and the school to balance along, Amanda knows what her mind is now set into. Driven by the situation of her dear grandfather who she once saw as a healthy, independent man, she instantly empathized and saw the opportunity to also help other older people who need the same elderly care. Out she founded Living with Purpose Senior Care (formerly Biblical).

The girl in her teens knew that she is still young for this venture. But little did she know that she would create an impact on the community. It all started when her school introduced the Mighty Entrepreneurship. This program supports advocates who want to be educated by learning how business works and how to manage one. And of course, our Amanda here grabbed the opportunity.

Her budding idea for business gained popularity and was even awarded the People Choice Award on the program. She garnered the following merits too: The Accomplished Person Award and the Recognition Award.

Truly it doesn’t matter how young you are to start a business. Ideas can start anywhere, even in the densest of situations. With Amanda, it all started with her passion for caring for the elderly. What do you think can be yours?

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