Danielle McAllister: Rebelling with Fashion

Back in 2010, a fashion program student at Seneca presented her ideas about upcycling garments and gained recognition for it. This student was Danielle McAllister. Knowing she had a flair for sewing and designing since childhood, she entered the world of fashion design and learned how the current culture responds to the production of new clothing and accessories.

McAllister has observed that no one pays attention to the benefits of upcycling materials in the area. She thought that instead of letting go of clothes to the thrift stores they can be turned into new products. Using new materials instead of upcycling can actually be more of a burden as it is more expensive and costs wages. And so she created Rebellious Clove.

Rebellious Clove, as McAllister founded is a line of leather goods that have been upcycled from resourced products. The opportunity to reach the audience with this idea was so distinct that it is like buying brand new and trendy fashion products. See how many works in reusing materials.

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