Marketing a Maltese-Inspired Business

Finding out that there are no near retailers for dog’s accessory merchandise, Cheryl Ng was devastated to know that she can only get the stuff she needs in the United States. That was 2004, to think of all the shipping fee that is more than the price she is buying, Ng thought that it is not worth the purchase.

This is when Cheryl thought that maybe it’s the best idea if she put up the business that she was looking for. And so she created, Fou Fou Brands. Booming as a dog supplies online shop in the area, Fou Fou Brands sold merchandise ranging from dog clothes to leashes and accessories. Later on, it catered to the needs for pet care and apparel.

As the CEO of Fou Fou Brands, Cheryl owes a lot to her sales experience before founding the business. Adding the help of her chosen manufacturer and designers, all efforts would soon come into fruition as Fou Fou Brands began to trend from 2017 onwards.

Today, as a growing online business in Canada, Cheryl knew that in the fast-paced industry, they had to continue to be innovative with their products and also to expand the franchise in the country.

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