As leader in bespoke and made to measure mens style we are constantly seeking for young and ambitious talents to work on new projects with us. After years of nationwide presence in the Netherlands offering custom made clothing we are expanding internationally. With our first ready to wear collection and an unique approach to distribution and service we are going to conquer the asian market.

In order to do this, a strong and continuous brand development is required. That’s why we are looking for a branding aficionado who wants to work with us to bring our branding to an higher level. Do you breathe inspiration, love fashion and do you get energy from working in an international team that develops new and disruptive projects? Are you knowledgeable about all aspects of branding and do you know how to bring your ideas and inspiration into reality? Would you love to see your work reach thousands of people from a wide variety of cultures? Then you are the person we want to grab a coffee with!



Michael & Giso is a dutch men’s style initiative found to reinvent the way men pick, wear and experience high quality luxury apparel. With a bold and lofty approach to design, durability and distribution, a groundbreaking new standard is set to epitomise the real essence of sophistication and delicacy.


It all started in 2007, when we came to the conclusion that throughout the last decades there was an unfortunate shift in the values of luxury shopping. The early days of providing an exclusive, dedicated and profound level of service to the customer faded away. Over time, service became overshadowed by multi-million dollar brand campaigns and overpriced designer clothing. The result? Purchasing an high-end $180 designer dress shirt didn’t come with an high-end fit, let alone an high-end level of service. For us, this couldn’t be the real essence and authenticity of luxury men’s style.

Without any boundaries in mind we shaped a revolutionary brand to bring convenience to the metropolitan man. The confident, contemporary and elegant man whose intellectual needs are based on progress, discovery and making an impact. The perception of appearance plays a significant role in the way people contemplate the metropolitan man. With an understated taste for elegance and premium designed garments, the metropolitan explorer dresses to supplement his charm and success.



Being an intern at Michael & Giso doesn’t mean you have to get us some coffee or do some boring assistant paperwork. It’s all about maximising your potential. You will be focussing on brand development which means that you’ll work on amazing stuff like:

- Create and collect inspiration and convert them into moodboards
- Draft proposals for new branding campaigns for international use
- Work closely together with graphic designers to turn ideas into reality.
- Outline guidelines for new collections
- Create content for inbound marketing and social media postings. (e.g Instagram, Facebook)
- Work on Product Merchandising activities
- Manage the styling during campaign shoots and product shoots
- Manage Facebook, Instagram Tumblr and Pinterest accounts
- Assess all graphical and written expressions according to pre-set branding guidelines
- Identify trends and adapt them to the collections and the overall brand expressions
- Act as a filter between sales and design to ensure design concepts
- Be the person of contact for models, photographers and studios



Working at Michael & Giso isn’t meant for everyone. In order to apply you comply to most of the following profile requirements:

- You have a passion for (men’s) fashion
- Ambitious and creative is what you are
- You never heard of the 9-5 principle
- You can both work individually and in a team
- You possess key knowledge about adobe photoshop or indesign
- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are the place you live.
- You have an extensive understanding about branding
- Basic understanding, feeling and passion for photography and design
- You know how to bring ideas into practice
Analytical capabilities


Starting January 2016


Are you ready for this great opportunity? Do you love to work on projects that actually have an impact? Don’t wait and send an email including your story, resume and some other impressive stuff that can blow us away to [email protected]